Wednesday, October 18, 2017



Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Finally, a productive day

I'm still dancing around the doctor's advice not to lift anything "heavy" but I managed a good bit of progress today.

Chuck found a great little refrigerator for just $30 at the Habitat for Humanity store in Glennsfalls.  He brought it home.  Then Peter and I picked it up today in van.  I had no driving to do and hardly any lifting with Pete taking the brunt of the weight.

It is running now upstairs and with any luck I'll have what I need for seltzer and snacks.

Then using the new boat ramp that Jay constructed yesterday, I bailed the boat and ratcheted it up so it will lose all water.  Tomorrow I'll do a bit of cleaning and the boat will be ready for any bluegill adventures.
It was amazing that two months of no attention left it with very little water.  It has been dry here.  The aluminum must heat in the sun and help evaporation.  Nice to have it where it should be and have some hope of an easy cleaning and perhaps use soon.  I can't row yet, nor can I carry the battery, but I have some ideas just the same.

My space upstairs was totally reorganized and cleaned today.  Nice. Elizabeth took the overdue books on disc to the library in Delmar.

On the way up to get the refrigerator from Chuck I stopped and bought some liquor and wine at a discount store off exit 9.  Good deals and joining their club means I can build up points that result in discounts later on.  I bought some Dewar's at a real sale price.  I had some McGregor so I did a taste test tonight just to see.  I could not tell the difference.  I guess I'll pick the Clan McGregor next trip.

I got a few bottles of bourbon aged red wine too.  And some other treats.

Peter and I stopped at a Polish restaurant on 15th in Troy.  It says "European" on the sign, but all the dishes were Polish.    I thought I'd have to leave the diet a bit, but they let me get more sauerkraut instead of potato and served some of the best kielbasa I've eaten.  What a grand meal!  Good service.  Drinkable pino noir at $6.  I'll be back.

After so many days of sedentary books and TV, this was a real delightful shock to the system.
Thanks, Peter.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Having a good week

I do feel better, and my eye seems some better.  I have been trying to keep it open.

Chuck and I went to breakfast at Alexis Diner on Monday at 7 AM and talked a long while.  It was a fine visit.  We had a grand breakfast.  The Diner made a potato free skillet with a side of grilled tomato.  Perfect for me.

I shopped the Price Chopper near there, or Market 32 as they like to call it.
After my last visit there, I said I would not go again.

However, this was a great visit with lots of fine sales and some things I just cannot find other places.I guess I'll go back.
However, I need to stop grocery shopping now and just eat up what I've bought because winter approaches.

Jay came this week and build my boat launch, cleared my bathroom drain, put in some kitchen light bulbs.  He seems very good.

Peter lost his job  baby sitting, but is looking for other work.  Great to have him focused on finding work.  Tomorrow Peter and I get my little refrigerator for upstairs.  Chuck found it for me at a Haitat for Humanity store.  It will replace the upstairs little refrigerator and be one more step in making my new upstairs into a comfortable spot to settle.

I also hope to bail and crank up the boat tomorrow. Hope it all works as intended.

I'm reading the David Harum novel.  Quite a good time.  It is a bit too sentimental in spots but that was the way of such books at the turn of the century.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cabbage and carrots and summer squash done wrong

I steamed these and then forgot them, so the steam very slowly escaped at the end of 9 minutes and kept cooking them to a mush.  I used Herbs de Provence, but nothing taste good of spice or texture.

I put it in the bullet blender with a bit of boxed pea soup and some almond milk.  I spice it with curry, turmeric, pepper, garlic, and reheated this creamy soup in the microwave.  Very good.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

low carb pizza