Monday, May 24, 2010


The Foods are arranged under months according to this plan so that they come out generally in alphabetic order. FOODS ARE IN ARCHIVES OF 2008 regardless of when they were cooked. You can use this general guide. You can also go to the front page of the blog to the 2008 archives and click the arrow by each month to see each recipe post.

ABCD November
foods like: beans and chicken

EFGH September
foods like: fish and humus

foods like: kale but not kapusta that is under saurkraut

foods like: polenta and pizza

PQR March
foods like: salad and rice

ST February
foods like:  sauerkraut     sweet potato soop  turkey

UVW January
foods like: wraps

December 07 is reserved for odds and ends of posts not part of the cookbook recipes.